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Are Your Dryer Vents Failing?

Dryers are one of the most common household appliances. Unconsciously, many of us use a dryer to dry off our clothes almost every week and seldom do we realize how the old machine completing its working cycle is eventually closing up to its end of days.

 Eventually, with the gradual usage, there’s a high chance that your dryer unit also succumbs to a number of failures where several components might need instant repairs. As a company who cares, Alpha Clean Air has all the necessary tools & equipment required to repair & replace entire dryer vent systems for you.

We can help repair & replace dryer vents for residential & commercial properties across.. With our expert analysis & professional experience, you now have access to the best dryer vent repair in New Jersey.

Dryer Vent Repair In NJ

How To Identify Dryer Vents Are In Need of Instant Repairs?

The first sign of a dryer unit failing to perform effectively is a light turning on. It indicates that there’s a problem with the dryer thermal fuse because the continuity of the circuit connection is broken. A dryer normally does that because it senses a clogged dryer vent. It prevents it so the dryer unit does not malfunction. You can use an ohm meter or a continuity checker tool to assess the problem. 

If your dryer unit is overheating, it will also indicate that there’s a possible problem with your dryer vents system that needs your attention. Other issues surrounding possible dryer vent problem includes:

Does the humidity level in the room rise when your dryer unit performs its function?

Do the clothes get dry when your dryer unit completes its respective cycle?

Do you find the dryer duct missing or detached from your dryer unit?

Are there possible causes that your dryer vent is leaking hot air in different places?

Can you see the damages appearing in your dryer vent ducts?

If you see any of these problems occurring within your dryer vent duct networks, contact our experts for dryer vent cleaning and repair in NJ.

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Warning Signs of a Dryer Vent System Failure

Before a dryer vent unit or dryer vent system fails, there are a number of warning signs that appear. You will find leaks, improper venting, incorrect joints, carbon monoxide build ups, excess lint build up, lint appearing around door seal, longer drying time, overheating dryer unit, mold or black mold occurrence, energy loss & other similar conditions. These warning signs will be prominent especially when you’re using the dryer unit. Although, many of these signs can lead to a possible cause of a clogged dryer vent. However, sometimes, it can also indicate that your dryer vent unit is broken & requires repairing.


Are the dryer vents in need of repairs? Hire us for fixing your dryer vent in New Jersey.

Dryer Vent Repair In NJ

Why Choose Alpha Clean Air For Dryer Vent Repairs in NJ?

At Alpha Clean Air, we are not just skilled in cleaning dryer vent systems but under the supervision of skilled & experienced dryer vent repair experts, we can also perform dryer vent maintenance in New Jersey. We will identify the source of dryer vent problems, correct them so you don’t have to worry about the inefficiency of dryer vent operations ever again. 

Why choose our professional technicians for dryer vent repairs in New Jersey:

All our experts use equipment which are tried & tested for dryer vent repairing.

They use repair materials which are in full compliance & under regulation.

We can replace foil or entire vinyl vents of your dryer vent system.

Our teams can update the dryer vents as per code compliance.

We can also repair break-in lines, remove screws, retape joints & more.

All of our compliance is in collaboration with the International Residential Code (IRC), Underwriter Laboratory, Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Fire Protection Association, and International Mechanical Code (IMC).

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dryer vent cleaning in long island

Your One Stop Destination for Dryer Vent Repair in NJ

Do you have an out-of-date dryer vent with a broken joint that requires attention? Are you searching for dryer vent replacement in New Jersey? If you happen to come across Alpha Clean Air, it’s time to call off your search. We have what it takes to repair dryer vents with quality tools & precisely accurate expertise. 

Schedule an appointment with our experts to fix your dryer vent in New Jersey.


Frequently Asked Questions

At Alpha Clean Air, we excel in dryer vent repair in New Jersey, ensuring thorough and effective solutions. Our team consists of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in addressing dryer vent issues. We utilize advanced repair techniques and powerful tools to rectify damage, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your dryer vent system.

Alpha Clean Air

If your dryer vent is taking a long time to dry, there are several possible reasons. The most common reason is that the vent is blocked. A blocked vent can cause the air to circulate back into the dryer instead of out, which can cause the clothes to take longer to dry. Another possible reason is that the dryer isn’t getting enough air. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including a clogged air filter or a vent that is too small. If you’re not sure what the problem is, you can always call Alpha Clean Air to have one of our experts take a look. We’ll be able to diagnose the problem and get your dryer vent working properly again in no time.

Yes, you can clean your dryer vents yourself, but we recommend having a professional do it for you. Cleaning your dryer vent will increase its efficiency and prevent any potential fires. If you’re interested in having your dryer vents cleaned, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to come and inspect them for you. We recommend our clients to at least get the dryer vents inspected once or twice every year. If you notice any warning signs, hot clothes, longer dry times, excess lint & similar problems appearing, call us to prevent the starting of a dryer fire.

The cost of dryer vent repair can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the repair needed. On average, dryer vent repair costs can range from $100 to $300. However, for a more accurate estimate, it’s best to contact a professional dryer vent repair service in NJ for an assessment of your specific situation.

According to the United States Fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System, approximately 15,500 dryer fires commonly break out every year in the USA. 100s of lives are lost & more than thousands of injuries are reported. More than $209 million worth of investments is lost & damaged in property annually. These statistics are grim but they can be prevented if the general public becomes more aware of the risks and takes the necessary precautions.

Since every house is different, the cost to have your dryer vents cleaned will vary depending on the size and layout of your home. However, we offer very competitive rates and discounts compared to other air duct cleaning companies operating across New Jersey & surrounding areas. Feel free to call us and get instant estimates. We would love to provide you with all the info.

The exhaust unit of any dryer has two parts- the dryer vent & the duct. The duct is the tubing that connects the back of the dryer to the exhaust port, while the vent is the part of the exhaust unit that connects to the outside of your home. Over time, lint can build up in both the duct and the vent, which can cause the dryer to work less efficiently and even start a fire. That’s why it’s important to have both the duct and the vent cleaned regularly.

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