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Chimney Insulation services

Chimney Insulation In NJ

Call Us Today And Get The Best Chimney Insulation In New Jersey

Are you looking for the best yet affordable chimney insulation services in New Jersey? You are at the right place. Alpha Clean Air provides outstanding service at an affordable price tag. Chimney insulation improves energy efficiency and minimizes the risks of air leaks. Homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their heating systems while reducing costs. If you are one of them, we suggest you go for chimney insulation. Alpha Clean Air has been providing the best services of chimney insulation for over a decade. Call us today & hire our certified team for chimney insulation in New Jersey.

Chimney Insulation  In NJ

Why Do You Need To Get Your Chimney Insulated?

When homeowners get their stove or furnace installed, they usually ask us; do we need to get our chimney insulated? At Alpha Clean Air, we recommend you insulate your chimneys. Insulated chimneys will make the flue heat up fast and increase the temperature while reducing the risk of inadequate draft. Moreover, when flue gases are hot, less creosote will form, which will ultimately reduce your fuel cost. Chimney insulation will avoid any type of condensation in your chimney.
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Chimney Insulation In NJ

Types Of Chimney Liner Insulation

Mainly there are two types of chimney liner insulations.
Chimney Insulation in Long Island

Insulation blanket

The insulation blanket is a user-friendly type of chimney liner insulation. The blanket is made of alkaline earth silicate, which is a high-density insulation material. This insulation adds the diameter to your chimney liner and increases the efficiency of your chimney.

Chimney Insulation in Long Island

Vermiculite Chimney Insulation Mix

If your chimney stack is tight, then vermiculite chimney insulation is best for your chimney. This insulation is made of portland cement and vermiculite. It is mixed and poured down in the chimney and hardened after a few days.

If your chimney stack is tight, then vermiculite chimney insulation is best for your chimney.

Our experts will suggest which insulation you should choose after inspection, and our team will do the best chimney insulation without any hassle. .
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Chimney Insulation In NJ

How to Insulate Your Chimney?

There are three best ways to insulate your chimney to reduce air leaks. Each of the ways reduces heat loss and saves money in the end.

Insulating a Chimney Liner

Chimney liners are usually made of steel, which is not effective in retaining heat. If you get your chimney liner insulated, it will lower the risk of moisture buildup, reduce heat loss, and the gases will safely travel outside your home.

Insulate Your Fireplace Door

If your fireplace has a metal or glass door and you see any cracks, get it insulated. Cracked doors and faulty seals allow cold air to enter your home when the fireplace is not working. Moreover, it lets carbon monoxide and other harmful gases enter your home when only a little fire is burning.

Insulating the Chimney Walls

Get your chimney walls insulated to avoid any air leaks. Insulation is focused on the wall cavities, and it is never against the fireplace or any metal component. When chimney walls get insulated, we add another layer of fireproof barrier to avoid combustion.

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Chimney Insulation services

Chimney Insulation In NJ

Why Choose Us For Chimney Insulation in NJ?

Alpha Clean Air has been providing every type of chimney insulation in NJ for more than a decade. Our satisfied and returned customers is proof of our outstanding services. Before starting chimney insulation, our team of experts will inspect the chimney and suggest the best insulation for it. If you need to get your chimney insulated, call us and book your appointment. Our professionals are ready to assist you.
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