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Pofessional chimeny repair services
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Alpha Clean Air is committed to providing you with superior solutions and services that you can trust to keep your home clean, safe, and healthy.

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Although we are in high demand we understand the importance of emergency case, if you need same day service give us a call

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Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is as simple as it gets. Alpha Clean Air offers 100% satisfaction guarantees on all of our cleaning services.

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Chimney Repair In NJ

Searching For a Certified Chimney Repair Specialist in New Jersey?

Are you in search of an all-around assistance service for your chimney repairs? Do you want to hire a professional team of experts who can sweep, clean or repair your chimney? Well if you’re one of the concerned individuals looking for a reliable expert, Alpha Clean Air is here to provide you with assistance. Our team of certified pros have years of training in repairing all kinds of Chimneys. At Alpha Clean Air, we are skilled in masonry repair services just in case your chimney has structural damage. Our team will also take you through multiple ways to implement to safeguard your chimney area so you can have better protection. May it be installing a chimney cap or applying a chimney water-repellent, we can give you advice on everything. Are you seeking to hire the best professionals especially when it comes to Chimney repairs in New Jersey?

Are you seeking to hire the best professionals especially when it comes to Chimney repairs in New Jersey?

Chimney Repair In NJ

Some Common Chimney Repair Services

Here are some of the common chimney repair services that we offer to our customers at Alpha Clean Air. We are your one-stop shop solution for all chimney repair requirements.

Chimney teardowns

Crown repair & replacement


Chimney Moss removal

Water sealing applications

Flue liner replacement

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Damper repairs & replacement

Interior damage repairs

Chimney cap repair & replacement

Replacement of loose bricks & mortars

Firebox repair & replacement

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Chimney Repair in NJ
Chimney Repair in NJ

Why Choose Alpha Clean Air for Chimney Repairs in NJ?

Being seasoned chimney repair contractors, our professional chimney makers ensure that your chimneys remain safe & secure from the harsh weather elements. That is why they take every precautionary measure to ensure the chimneys remain in the best condition always. What makes us more special is the fact that our team members use the best quality materials when repairing chimneys. Chimneys are commonly made up of material which quickly deteriorates, and that is why we make use of the best quality materials to fix any kind of damage.

At Alpha Clean Air, we are a family-owned and operated business, and we understand the importance of maintaining a chimney. We offer our clients emergency services as well so they can have chimney repairs instantly. Our teams can help you with:

Chimney Repair In NJ

Why Choose Us?

Spalled and broken brickwork

Deteriorated metal or masonry firebox assemblies

Deteriorated central heating system

Decayed mortar

Cracked fuel liner systems

Rusted damper assemblies

Rotted adjacent wood and ruined wall coverings

Spalled and broken brickwork

Are you in need of a professional service? Call our professionals at Alpha Clean Air.

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Pofessional chimeny repair services
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Why Chimeny Repairs Necessary

Chimney Repair In NJ

Why Are Chimney Repairs Necessary?

Rainfall is a common problem that we all experience every once in a while. However, with the pouring of rain, there’s a possible chance that your chimney can experience leaks. Water is one of the leading causes of damage to chimneys. If you have a chimney that is not in its best condition, you can always call us for a quick inspection.

Our team will help you to identify any potential risks and also provide solutions for the same. We believe it is essential to get your chimney repaired as soon as possible because if you leave a chimney non-repaired, you can face a lot of difficulties.

Chimney Repair In NJ

You Can Experience

You Can Experience

The formation of mold & mildew on the inner part of your chimney

An increase in your energy bills

A decrease in the value of your home

Creosote deposits leaking from the chimney shaft

Other health-related concerns such as asthma, bronchitis, etc.

Rotted adjacent wood and ruined wall coverings

Do you want to increase the value of your home and at the same time, save your budget on home repairs? Alpha Clean Air can provide you with the best chimney repair service in town.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Alpha Clean Air, we believe in doing things the right way. We have a team of highly trained & experienced duct cleaning professionals with years of on-hand training especially when it comes to air duct cleanliness. We use advanced cleaning methods, eco-friendly solutions & powerful cleaning tools to get rid of all the dirt, dust, debris, mold, mildew, & other foreign particles from your ducts while also getting rid of any infestation that might have taken place inside them.

Alpha Clean Air

The bricks are cracked, spalled, or deteriorated to the point where they no longer provide a solid surface. The mortar joints are cracked, spalled, or deteriorated to the point where they can no longer provide a weather-resistant seal. There is significant rusting or deterioration of the metal components or the firebox or smoke chamber has eventually been destroyed.

If you see any of the possible signs appearing within your chimney, then it’s a clear sign that your chimney needs repair by a professional expert such as Alpha Clean Air.

When a chimney starts showing signs of damaged joints because of moisture build, chimney repair experts will simply ask you to remove the damaged parts & replace them with more robust & proper materials. Such chimney repairs are commonly known as “repointing.”


Roofers. People who repair chimneys are commonly known as Roofers.

Chimney repairs can be performed anywhere between 2 to 3 days depending on the extent of the damage. However, if the repairs are simple such as changing the chimney lining or performing cowl installation, it can take just a matter of hours for the repairs to eventually take place.

The cost of repairing a chimney will depend on the size and type of damage. The greater the damage, the greater will be the investment required to repair the damages.

At Alpha Clean Air, we always make sure to provide our customers with the best services at an affordable price. So feel free to call our team for a quick inspection & we will assist.


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