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Chimney Cap Repair & Replacement Service in NJ

Chimney Cap Repair & Replacement Service in NJ

Get an all around assistance with Alpha Clean Air chimney repair service in New Jersey. Let’s make sure that your chimney is functioning properly with the best chimney caps. Need chimney cap replacement or repairs? Call our service.

Enhanced Inspection

Using high powered inspection tools and advanced inspection methods, our chimney cap repair experts can do a thorough analysis of your chimney space.

Repair & Maintenance

Our team thoroughly invests their time in delivering a state-of-the-art repair & maintenance of your chimney space by repairing every part of your chimney.

Certified & Insured Experts

All our technicians are certified specialists who are licensed, bonded and insured. Now you don’t have to worry when it comes to chimney repairs in New Jersey with us.

Chimney Cap Repair & Replacement Service in NJ

What is a Chimney Cap and Why Is It Important?

A chimney cap is normally installed on top of a chimney to keep the water from entering the chimney shaft. It also protects the chimney from unwanted debris falling inside the chimney space. Most chimney caps are designed in such a manner that they stop water, animals and other large debris from entering the chimney. These chimney caps are often made up of copper or stainless steel material. They also come with spark guards which prevents lit embers from escaping atop of chimneys. Just in case, if lit embers escape, they may end up resulting in burning the roof or the nearby trees.

Are you concerned about a fire hazard taking place in your neighborhood because of an open or a shabby chimney cap? Let us offer you chimney cap service in New Jersey.

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Chimney Cap Repair & Replacement Service in NJ

Need a Chimney Cap Repair Service in New Jersey?

The main job of a chimney cap is to ensure that it does not allow moisture build-up from happening. If water somehow enters the chimney shaft, it results in causing damage to the chimney’s masonry causing it to fall apart. It can normally happen when the water freezes during the colder parts of the year. This water can further lead to corrosion of the flue and malfunctioning fireplace dampers. So when you want to use the fireplace, the dampers may end up failing to vent out smoke properly leading to smoke filling up inside your home.

At Alpha Clean Air, we believe prevention is better than cure. To ensure your chimney fire dampers and flue lines are in the best shape, Alpha Clean Air can repair or replace chimney caps so such issues do not take place.

Chimney Cap Repair & Replacement Service in NJ

Protect Your Home From Pests with a Solid Chimney Cap

Most chimney caps have mesh which prevents debris and animals from entering the flue. There are many different animals like squirrels, snakes, bats, birds, racoons, and other similar rodents which can easily enter your premises through the chimney space. During the season when you are not using the chimney, animals can easily climb down the chimney shaft and enter into your house from the fireplace. Similarly, debris can also fall while they are climbing down and can bring twigs, leaves and other debris along which over time can accumulate inside the chimney causing a blockage which will eventually lead to a fire breakout.

Such incidents can be avoided if the top of your chimney is protected using a chimney cap. Call Alpha Clean Air to provide chimney cap maintenance in NJ.

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Chimney Cap Repair & Replacement Service in NJ

We Also Provide Chimney Cap Installations in New Jersey

Unprotected chimneys can become a real nuisance. Not only can it cause damage to your home, but also opens a gateway for pests and rodents to find their way inside your home. Besides, a chimney cap can ensure the smoke properly rises through the chimney and takes the embers up with it, so you don’t have to struggle with exhausting your home every time you use the fireplace. At Alpha Clean Air, we can provide you with chimney cap installations & repairs. If your chimney cap has been damaged beyond repair or has completely fallen off and you don’t know what to do, call Alpha Clean Air where our experts will replace it with a new one. The ones we install have spark guard technology which prevents any lit embers from exiting the chimney and causing fire damage to your roof or igniting the nearby trees.

Are you looking for a professional technician to install, repair & replace chimney caps at your home chimneys? Call Alpha Clean Air to install premium quality chimney caps.

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