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Chimney Damper Repair In NJ

What Is A Chimney Damper

A chimney damper is a lid or cover present inside the chimney flue. It can be operated by a chain system placed close to the firebox. The purpose of the chimney damper is to prevent the air moving downward from entering into the flue by covering the flue opening. While using the fireplace, the damper is kept open to allow the smoke to exit from the chimney.
Chimney Damper Repair In NJ

When Chimney Damper Repair Is A Necessity

A chimney damper is meant to regulate the flow of smoke coming from the chimney and make ventilation possible. Continuous heat build-up and weather effects can break the chimney damper. A broken chimney damper can greatly impact the efficiency of your fireplace. The cracks may take a long time to show up, but once they appear, they can cause problems to your chimney. In such situations, chimney damper repair is the right option to choose. To a professional inspection and damper repair in New Jersey, call Alpha Clean Air now.
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Chimney Damper Repair In NJ

Is Top-Sealing Damper A Better Choice?

The most efficient and effective damper is the top-sealing damper. It not only prevents the inner air from going outside but also keeps moisture and debris away from your chimney. Some top sealing dampers also contain a hood of stainless steel operated by a spring. It can be compressed or expanded per your fireplace’s need. In contrast, others use a hinge and can be operated from the top of the chimney, similar to a flue damper rod. Without a doubt, the top sealing damper is a better choice than the rest of the other dampers. Alpha Clean Air offers a wide range of services including air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and inspection & repair. We are committed to providing the highest quality service.
Chimney Damper Repair In NJ

How We Repair A Chimney Damper?

At Alpha Clean Air, we repair chimney dampers in four steps.

Remove Debris

The first stage of our damper repair process is to remove the soot and debris. The debris may stop the damper from opening or closing, making it choked. Therefore, getting rid of debris from the damper is the first step.

Remove The Damper Plate

On the top of the firebox, there is a rod that is attached to the chimney. We remove the damper plate by opening the nut in the rod. If the damper plate is cracked, twisted, or bent, we replace the plate with a new plate.


The third step is cleaning the damper, frame, and rod. After cleaning, we check for corrosion. Corrosion or rust is the cause of many problems. Everything needs to be cleaned, from the firebox to the nuts of the damper plate.

Damper Plate Replacement

Once we have cleaned everything, and if the issue is not resolved, we go for damper plate replacement, ensuring that the nut is tight and everything works in harmony. After we are done with the replacement, your damper will work effectively.

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Chimney Damper Repair In NJ

Annual Inspection Is A Necessity

The annual inspection of your chimney can help in detecting multiple problems at early stages. If you want your chimney damper to stay away from all potential risks, contact Alpha Clean Air and schedule an appointment.

Trust Your Local Experts, Alpha Clean Air NJ

Alpha Clean Air has repaired dampers in fireplaces across New Jersey for years. Allow Alpha Clean Air to assist you in solving your damping repair problem. We guarantee the best damper repair service at competitive market rates. Call us now .
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